Introduction to ggplot2

Jan 7, 2015, 9:30 am12:00 pm
Event Description

This workshop provides an introduction to the R graphics package ggplot2. Because ggplot2 is based on Wilkinson's Grammar of Graphics (2005), time is spent both (1) describing the main concepts of the grammar that define the graphical building blocks and (2), exploring many examples that show how to use ggplot2's layered approach to create basic and more complex graphs.


Because this is an introductory ggplot2 workshop, it is intended for those with little or no experience using ggplot2. It is necessary for attendees to have previously used R and feel comfortable working with R data frames, but those with all levels of R proficiency, from "very beginner" to "R guru" are welcome to attend.


Lecture, discussion and demonstration are used to convey concepts and illustrate examples. Attendees are provided with an R script containing all code for the graphs presented during the workshop, and are encouraged to modify and/or execute the code as examples are discussed.


It is recommended that attendees bring a laptop with R and the R package ggplot2 already installed. Having RStudio installed is also recommeded. If you do not have access to a laptop to bring to this workshop, you are still welcome to attend and you will still be able to learn a lot about ggplot2.


Presentation (PDF) 
R script and data files (Zip)