How Learning the Command Line Could Supercharge Your Research Productivity

Jan 12, 2021, 1:30 pm3:30 pm
Event Description

More of a demo and motivational talk than a workshop, this session will showcase how social science researchers could profit from learning the basics of the Linux/Unix command line. We will walk through some common (and some less common) file-processing and data-processing problems and talk about how the audience members might approach those problems before demonstrating elegant and fast command-line solutions. This is *not* a how-to session. Rather, the goal is to show what is possible with the command line and to demystify some of its workings, all in the hope of making the case that command line fluency is a highly learnable skill with a large return on investment.


This talk is aimed at social scientists who use computing in their researchers but have little to no command-line experience other than "going through the motions" with certain basics.


Presentation, demo, and Q&A.