R Data Wrangling: tidyverse packages tidyr & dplyr

Jan 10, 2022, 2:00 pm5:00 pm
Event Description

This workshop, presented as part of Princeton's University’s 2022 Wintersession, introduces two modern R packages, both written by Hadley Wickham and part of R’s “tidyverse,” that provide intuitive tools for handling common data management tasks. The first package, tidyr, provides functions that reshape data so it conforms to a specific “tidy” structure where each variable is saved in its own column, each observations is saved in its own row, and each type of observational unit is stored in a separate table. The second package, dplyr, provides a set of functions (referred to as “verbs”) that allow you to easily subset observations, re-order observations, select specific variables, add new variables, group observations, and summarize groups of observations.

tidyr presentation

dplyr script

dplyr presentation