Student News

Dr. Wanru Xiong successfully defends her thesis “Sex Ratio Imbalances in China”

Committee Members: Noreen Goldman, Arun Hendi, Alícia Adserà, Filiz Garip

Charles F. Westoff Prize in Demography for 2021

Ian Lundberg has been selected as the recipient of the Charles F. Westoff Prize in Demography for 2021

Dr. Daniela Urbina Julio successfully defends her thesis "When the Tables Turn: Marriage and Gender Inequality in Latin America"

Committee Members:

-Dalton Conley (chair)

-Viviana Zelizer

-Margaret Frye

-Jennifer Jennings

-Arun Hendi

Dr. Christopher Hale successfully defends his thesis "Mass Migration and Social Change"

Alícia Adserà – Co-Chair and Examiner

Alejandro Portes - Co-Chair and Examiner

Dr. Ian Lundberg successfully defends his thesis “Research Begins with a Goal:  A Framework Illustrated by Gap-Closings Estimands”

Chair:  Brandon Stewart 

Committee members: Matthew Salganik, Sara McLanahan, Filiz Garip and Yu Xie

Dr. Yo Yo Chen successfully defends her thesis “Family Size in Low-Fertility China: Determinants and Effects”

Committee Members, Jennifer Jennings, Noreen Goldman, Arun Hendi and Alícia Adserà

Emily Miller receives Prize Fellowship in the Social Sciences

The fellowship is designed to encourage intellectual exchanges between graduate students and faculty across the social sciences. 

Gracie Himmelstein and Matthew Desmond’s in JAMA Pediatrics

Gracie Himmelstein and Matthew Desmond’s in JAMA Pediatrics


Evidence of Son Preference in the Child Trafficking Market for Illegal Adoption in China

Wanru  Xiong's article in Journal of Human trafficking, presents evidence of son preference in the child trafficking market for illegal adoption in China, where son preference is explicitly revealed by choice and quantified by the price premium of a boy.

Race and the Healthy Immigrant Effect

Tod G. Hamilton and Rama Hagos's research,published in Public Policy & Aging Report.. Their article examines how aging in the U.S. context differentially impacts the health of U.S. immigrants.

Modelling study based on findings from Disease Control Priorities

In the context of previous research, this analysis presents a unique perspective on the cost of UHC.

‘Nowhere to go’: Wisconsin renters face evictions as emergency aid falls short

Matt Mleczko ,OPR Graduate Student and an Eviction Lab research assistant. “Though this is a bad situation for renters in general, this is something that yet again is exposing and exacerbating long-running inequalities in cities like Milwaukee.”