OPR Alumni

OPR has a long and distinguished history training some of the nation’s most prominent demographers.




Janet Xu

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Organizational Diversity Programs and Individual Outcomes


Wanru Xiong

Research Assistant Professor at the HongKong University of Science and Technology

Sex Ratio Imbalances in China


Shuang Yo-Yo Chen

Assistant Professor in International Social and Public Policy at the London School of Economics

Family Size in Low-Fertility China:  Determinants and Effects


Ian Lundberg

Postdoctoral Scholar, California Center for Population Research, UCLA

Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science, Cornell University

Research Begins with a Goal:  A Framework Illustrated by Gap-Closings Estimands


Christopher Hale

Senior Policy Analyst at APPRISE

Mass Migration and Social Change


Daniela Urbina Julio

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science, University of Oxford

When the Tables Turn: Marriage and Gender Inequality in Latin America



Theresa F. Andrasfay

Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Southern California

Health Across the Life Course.


Rebecca A. Johnson

Assistant Professor, Program in Quantitative Social Science, Dartmouth College

Zero-Sum Rights: Student Needs, Parental Intervention, and Hidden Rationing in K-12 Education.


Hannah M. Korevaar

Research Scientist, Facebook

Spatial Demographic and Epidemiology of Measles.


Federica Querin

Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellow, European University Institute

Causes and Consequences of Low Fertility in Western Countries.



Etienne Breton

Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Aging Research Center University of Pennsylvania

Modernization and Household Change in India.


Leah L. Gillion

Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

Education, Political Ideology, and Academic Outcomes.


Sarah A. James

Frank H.T. Rhodes Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell University

The Role of Sleep in the Status Attainment Process.


Celeste Marin

Adjunct Professor, Dornsife School of Public Health, Drexel University

It's about Time:Improving the Measurement of Time Use in Low-Resource Settings.


Joel J. Mittleman

Tenure-Track Professor, Sociology Department, Notre Dame

LGB Youth in America's Schools: New Evidence from a Changing Context.


Emilce A. Santana

Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University

Can Love Conquer All? Platonic and Romantic Relationships Across Ethnoracial Lines.



Cheng C. Cheng

Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University

Women's Education, Intergenerational Coresidence, and Household Decision-Making in China


Angela R. Dixon

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Emory 

The Color of Inequity: Perceptions of Discrimination in Latin America.



Angelina Grigoryeva

Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto

Household Economies in the Context of Financialization and Population Aging.


Ayesha S. Mahmud

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Demography, University of California, Berkeley

A Map for All Seasons: Tracking Transmission Dynamics and Mortality of Childhood Infections Through the Year.


Zitsi Mirakhur

Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky

With a Little Help from my Friends" Examining the Role of Peer Homophily in High School Success.



Janeria A. Easley

Assistant Professor, African American Studies, Emory University

Getting a Job, Getting to Work: Hidden Inequality in Spatial Mismatch Among US Ethnoracial Groups.


Kerstin Gentsch

Senior Policy Analyst, Office of Policy Research, City University of New York

How Admission Policy Shapes College Access: Evidence from Two Sectors.


Joanne W. Golann

Assistant Professor of Public Policy, and Education, School of Education, Vanderbilt University, Peabody College

Scripting the Moves: Class, Control, and Urban School Reform.


Aaron J. Gottlieb

Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, Chicago, Jane Addams College of Social Work

Mass Incarceration in the United States: New Evidence on Implications and Ways Forward.


Patrick Ishizuka

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Washington University, St. Louis

Culture or Constraints? Parenthood and the Persistence of Inequality.


Jonathan C. Tannen

Research Scientist, Manager, Facebook

Measuring Cities’ Internal Demographic Change as the Movement of Emergent Boundaries.


Saul Thorkelson

Site Director and Assistant Professor of Sociology, Bard College at Brooklyn Public Library

Diversity amidst Nationalism: Anti-Immigrant Sentiment and Democratic Inclusion in Europe and the United States.


Amy K. Winter

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Epidemiology, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

Integrating Data, Demography, and Dynamics to Inform Vaccination Policy: Measles and Rubella in a Changing World.


Jessica Yiu

Tiger Children in "New" and "Old" Immigrant Destinations: Understanding the Low versus High Educational Expectations of Chinese Youth in Spain, Italy and the United States.



Edward Berchick

Researcher, U.S. Census Bureau

The Evolving Importance of Early-Life Health for the Reproduction of Educational Disadvantage Across Birth Cohorts.


Kristin Bietsch

Data Analyst, Avenir Health

Men and Contraception in sub-Saharan Africa.


Diane Coffey

Assistant Professor of Sociology & Population Research, University of Texas, Austin

Little Women: Essays on Maternal Nutrition, Social Hierarchy and Health in India.


Dennis Feehan

Assistant Professor, Department of Demography, University of California, Berkeley

Network Reporting Methods.


Lauren Gaydosh

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, The University of Texas, Austin 

Beyond Orphanhood: Family Structure and Child Health in Tanzania.


Laura B. Nolan

Researcher, Mathematica

Three Essays on Child Health and Economic Wellbeing in Four Developing Countries.


Takudzwa Sayi

Evaluation Fellow, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Relationship between Marriage and Fertility Changes in Six sub-Saharan African Counties.


Elizabeth Sully

Senior Research Scientist, The Guttmacher Institute

An Intimate Epidemic: HIV and Marriage in Rural Uganda.


Megan Todd

Public Health Scientist and Director of the CDIP Data Lab, City of Philadelphia, Department of Public Health

Socioeconomic Status and Health: A Role for Immune Function?.



Naomi Sugie

Associate Professor, Department of Criminology, Law and Society, University of California, Irvine

Finding Work: A Smartphone Study of Job Searching, Social Contact & Wellbeing After Prison.



Laura Blue

Senior Researcher, Mathematica Policy Research

Body Weight, Weight Change, and Mortality Risk.


Julia Gelatt

Senior Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Institute

Immigration Status and Child Well-being in the United States.


Jayanti Owens

Assistant Professor of Sociology and International and Public Affairs, Brown University

Habits that Make, Habits that Break: Gender, Children's Behavior Problems, and Educational Attainment Across Two Decades.


John Palmer

Marie Curie Research Fellow, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Activity-Space Segregation: Understanding Social Divisions in Space and Time.


Michelle Phelps

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Minnesota

The Paradox of Probation: Understanding the Expansion of an "Alternative" to Incarceration during the Prison Boom.


Wendy Sheldon

Director, Gynuity Health Projects

The Correlates of Postpartum Blood Loss: Examination of Means and Markers for Risk Reduction.


LaTonya J. Trotter

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Vanderbilt University

Medical Work/Nursing Work: Negotiating the Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care.


Erik Vickstrom

Senior Demographer and Group Lead, Demographic and Decennial Research, Center for Economic Studies, U.S. Census Bureau

The Production and Consequences of Migrant Irregularity: Senegalese in France, Italy, and Spain.



Audrey Dorelien

Assistant Professor, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

Birth Seasonality in Sub-Saharan Africa: Its Determinants and Implications For Child Health.


Emily A. Marshall

Population Problems? Demographic Knowledge and Fertility in Great Britain and France, 1945-2005.


Daniel J. Schneider

Professor of Public Policy and of Sociology, Department of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley

Wealth and the Propensity to Marry.



Pratikshya Bohra-Mishra 

Director of Research and Planning, Massachusetts Parole Board

Migration and Remittances During the Period of Civil Conflict in Nepal.


Elizabeth A. Gummerson

Project Coordinator ICAP, Columbia University

In Sickness and Wealth: Three Essays on Health, Human Capital and HIV in sub-Saharan Africa.


Tin-chi Lin

Senior Biostatistician, Corrona, LLC

Essays on Fertility Preference, Social Change, and Living Arrangements.


Kevin O'Neil

Challenging Change: Local Policies and the New Geography of American Immigration.


Rania Salem

Economies of Courtship: Matrimonial Transactions and the Construction of Gender and Class Inequalities in Egypt.


Silvia Heidi Ullmann

Health Statistician, National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Perspectives on Social Inequality, Migration, and Health: Three Essays on Mexico.



Sofya Aptekar

Immigrant Naturalization and Nation-Building in North America.


Nicholas Ehrmann

Yellow Brick Road. The Roots of Academic Underperformance in Washington D.C.


Petra Nahmias

The Social Epidemiology of Maternal Obesity in Egypt.


Analia S. Olgiati

Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group

Health, Mortality and Migration in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.



Sharon H. Bzostek

Social Fathers in Fragile Families: Prevalence, Predictors and Influence.


Valerie Lewis

Slums and Children's Disadvantage: The Case of India.


Kimberly Smith

Essays on the Determinants of Health and Mortality.



Rebecca Casciano

"By Any Means Necessary": The American Welfare State and Machine Politics in Newark's North Ward.


Conrad Peter Hackett

Religion and Fertility in the United States: The Influence of Affiliation, Region, and Congregation.


Emily M. Moiduddin

Understanding the Sources of Racial and Gender Disparities in Early Childhood Aggression.


Christine Percheski

Women's Employment, Family Structure, and Social Inequality.


David Potere

Mapping the World's Cities: An Examination of Global Urban Maps and Their Implications for Conservation Planning.


Samir S. Soneji

Aging, Disability, and Continuous Time Demographic Methodology.


Christopher James Wildeman

Parental Incarceration, the Prison Boom, and the Intergenerational Transmission of Stigma and Disadvantage.



Meredith Alyce Kleykamp

Military Service and Minority Opportunity.


Jake Rosenfeld

What Unions No Longer Do: Economic and Political Consequences of Union Decline in the Post-Accord Era.



Rina Agarwala

From Work to Welfare: Informal Workers Organizations and the State in India.


Gyanendra Dhar Badgaiyan

Revisiting the Leslie Matrix.


Michelle Bellessa Frost

Texas High Schools and Precursors to Students' College Attendance.


Patrick Gerland

Effects of Social Interactions on Individual AIDS-Prevention Attitudes and Behaviors in Rural Malawi.


Anna Zajacova

Sociodemographic Factors and Health: Examination of Selected Pathways over the Lifecourse.



Susan Lynn Cassels

Population Dynamics, Health, and Labor Migration in Micronesia during the Japanese Occupation, 1919-1945.


Juan Carlos Guzman

Three Essays on High-School Educational Outcomes in Colombia.


Rebecca Lynn Katz

Yellow Rain Revisited: Lessons Learned for the Investigation of Chemical and Biological Weapons Allegations.


Rachel Tolbert Kimbro

Intergenerational Differences in Health Behaviors for Mexican-Americans: The Role of Culture and Cohesion.


Ying Lu

Ecological Inference Problem Revisited: Statistical Modeling in a Not so Ideal World.


Maria Estela Rivero-Fuentes

Three Essays on Migration and Inequality in Mexico.



Jennifer Beam Dowd

Socioeconomic Status and Health: Testing the Pathways.


Jean Marie Tansey Knab

The Form and Function of Unmarried Families.


Ann Juanita Morning

The Nature of Race: Teaching and Learning about Human Difference.


Margaret L. Usdansky

Public Discourse, Public Opinion and Private Behavior: The Evolution of Popular and Scholarly Views of Single-Parent Families in the Twentieth-Century United States.



Lauren Elizabeth Hale

Healthy Aging: Physiological Correlates of Cumulative Psychosocial Experiences.


Allison Ann Hedley

A New Approach to Estimating the Efficacy of Medical Abortion.


Cynthia Anne Osborne

Investigating Family Structure and Mothering Behaviors as Pathways to Child Well-Being.


James Michael Scully

The Economic Impact of Child Support Enforcement on Payment and Receipt, Remarriage, and Female Labor Supply.



Marion Wigby Carter

Do "Macho" Men Visit the Midwife? Husband Involvement in Maternal and Child Health in Rural Guatemala.


Marcia Caldas de Castro

Spatial Configuration of Malaria Risk on the Amazon Frontier: The Hidden Reality behind Global Analysis.


Kristen Sue Harknett

Single Parents and the Rationale for Marriage.


Catherine Taft Kenney

Household Economics: Money Management in Resource Allocation among Married and Cohabiting Parents.


S. Karthick Ramakrishnan

Voters from Different Shores: Electoral Participation in Immigrant America.


James Patrick Vere

Labor Market Effects of Demographic and Institutional Change in Taiwan: Returns to Education, Wage Inequality and Women.



Dana Ann Glei

The Integration of Traditional and Biomedical Care during Pregnancy and Birth in Rural Guatemala.



Scott Andrew Fritzen

Decentralization and Local Government Performance: A Comparative Approach with Application to Social Policy Reform in Vietnam.


Deborah Lynn Garvey

Quantitative Studies in Labor and Public Economics: Applications to Education, Finance and Immigration.



Jessica Lil Baraka

The Impact of Education and Gender on the Labor Market in Taiwan.


Shelley Dawn Clark

Demographic Outcomes of Son Preference: Evidence from India.


Judith Ann Diers

Efficacy of a Stage-Based Counseling Intervention to Reduce the Risk of HIV in Women.


Michele Gragnolati

Children's Malnutrition in Rural Guatemala: A Multilevel Statistical Analysis.


Radha Jagannathan

New Jersey's Family Cap and Fertility Behavior: Are Impacts Racially Conditioned?.


Becky Marie Pettit

Navigating Networks and Neighborhoods: An Analysis of the Residential Mobility of the Urban Poor.



Diana Lauren Greene

Contraceptive Use for Birth Spacing in Sub-Saharan Africa.



Rachel Beth Weinstein

The Medical and Economic Determinants of Cesarean Delivery in California.


Hongxin Zhao

Children of Teenage Mothers: What Determines Their Resilience?.



Dolores Acevedo-Garcia

Has Residential Segregation Shaped the Epidemiology of Tuberculosis among United States Minorities? The Case of New Jersey, 1985--1992.


Cynthia Channing Harper

From Playpen to Federal Pen: Family Instability and Youth Crime.



Haishan Fu

Health-Related Behavior and Marriage Selection: New Perspectives on an Old Question.



Lakshminarayan Sastry

Community Characteristics, Individual Attributes and Child Survival in Brazil: A Multilevel Hazard Model Analysis.



Charlotte Ellertson

Mandatory Parental Involvement in Minors' Abortions: Effects of the Laws in Minnesota, Missouri and Indiana.


Naomi Rutenberg

The Estimation of Fecundability from Survey Data on Coital Frequency.


Jennifer Strickler

Contraceptive Risk-Taking and Contraceptive Failure Among Users of Female Barrier Methods.


Mark VanLandingham

Two Perspectives on Risky Sexual Practices Among Northern Thai Males: The Health Belief Model and the Theory of Reasoned Action.


Jun Zhu

A Model of Age Patterns of Births by Parity in Natural Fertility Populations.



Rose Li

An Assessment of the Preceding Birth Technique Using Birth History Data from the World Fertility Surveys.


Barbara Okun

How Much Can Indirect Estimation Techniques Tell Us About Marital Fertility Control.


Laura Louise Rudkin-Miniot

Gender Differences in Well-Being among the Elderly of Java, Indonesia.


Victoria Velkoff

Trends and Differentials in Infant Mortality in the Soviet Union for the Years 1970-1988.



Laurence Grummer-Strawn

A Cross-National Comparison of Breast-Feeding Differentials in Low-Income Countries.


Guang Guo

A Multivariate Proportional Hazards Model for Correlated Risks, with an Application to Child Survival in Guatemala.


Yuanreng Hu

Mortality Differentials by Marital Status: A Comparative Analysis.



Irma Elo

Female Education and the use of Maternal and Child Health Care Services in Peru.


Kathryn Kost

Contraceptive Discontinuation in Peru: Patterns and Demographic Implications.



David Jeremy Fein

The Social Sources of Census Omission: Racial and Ethnic Differences in Omission Rates in Recent U.S. Censuses.


Shaomin Li

China's Population Policy: A Model of a Constant Stream of Births.


Kia Inta Reinis

The Impact of the Proximate Determinates of Fertility: Evaluating the Bongaarts and Hobcraft-Little Methods of Estimation.



Sajeda Amin

The Impact of Health Interventions on Socio-Economic Differentials in Infant and Child Mortality in Punjab, India.


Jane Mauldon

The Effect of Marital Disruption on Children's Health.


John Richard Wilmoth

On the Statistical Analysis of Large Arrays of Demographic Rates.



Eduard R. Bos

The Demographic Characteristics of Children of Divorce.


Charles Rohr Hammerslough II

Correcting Survey-Based Contraceptive Failure Rates for Abortion under-Reporting.



Anouch Chahnazarian

Determinants of the Sex Ratio at Birth.


Lea Keil Garson

The Centenarian Question: Old-Age Mortality in the Soviet Union, 1897 to 1970.


Carolyn Makinson

Sex Differentials in Infant and Child Mortality in Egypt.


Paul W. Stupp

A General Procedure for Estimating an Intercensal Age Schedule.



Ann Klimas Blanc

The Effect of Nonmarital Cohabitation on Family Formation and Dissolution: A Comparative Analysis of Sweden and Norway.


Robert Adam Feldman

An Examination of Health Status Measurement in Empirical Models of Retirement Behavior.


Ulla Margrethe Larsen

Measures of Sterility: A Comparative Study of the Levels and the Differentials of Sterility in Cameroon, Kenya and Sudan.



Ann Meredith John

The Slave Population of Nineteenth Century Trinidad: A Demographic Analysis.


Thomas T. Kane

The Fertility of Guestworker Populations in the Federal Republic of Germany.



Jill Spencer Grigsby

The Use of Contraception for Delaying and Spacing Births in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Korea.


Bart Keith Holland

Breast-Feeding and Infant Mortality: A Hazards Model Analysis of the Case of Malaysia.


Janet S. Kalwat

Divorce, Remarriage, and Childbearing: A Study of Fertility Differences between Women in First and Second Marriages.


Barbara Sena Mensch

The Effect of Child Mortality on Contraceptive Use and Fertility in Colombia, Costa Rica and Korea.



Carmen Elisa Florez-Valderrama

Destabilized Population Techniques for Analyzing Adult Mortality Data: The Case of Chile and Argentina.


Joseph Alponse Gilles Grenier

Language as Human Capital: Theoretical Framework and Application to Spanish-Speaking Americans.


Claudette Yvonne Smith

Age at First Birth and Fertility Decline in Costa Rica: An Examination of the First Birth and the Related Pattern of Subsequent Fertility.



Neil G. Bennett

Estimation Techniques Derived from Structural Relations in Destabilized Populations.


Howard Irving Goldberg

Marital Fertility in Sri Lanka: An Assessment of World Fertility Survey Data.


Jee Peng Tan

A Comparative Study of the Marital Fertility of Older Women in Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


Maxine A. Weinstein

Childbearing and Marital Separation: Evidence Form the 1970 National Fertility Study.



David Elliot Bloom

Essays in Labor Economics and Demography.


Margaret E. Flemming

White Ethnic Fertility in the U.S.: Convergence: 1890- 1975.


Karen Leppel

The Relations among Child Quality, Family Structure, and the Value of the Mother's Time.


Susan Cotts Watkins

Variation and Persistence in Nuptiality: Age-Patterns of Marriage in Europe, 1870-1960.



Wendy K. Dobson

The Economic Determinants of Rising Age at Marriage: A Case Study of South Korea.


Douglas S. Massey

Residential Segregation of Spanish Americans in United States Urbanized Areas.


Kevin F. McQuillan

Modernization and Internal Migration: The Case of Nineteenth Century England and France.


Nallamotu J.C. Vasantkumar

Age Patterns of Mortality of American Blacks, 1940 to 1970.



Christina Brinkley-Carter

Demographic and Sociological Determinants of Marital Fertility.


Linda G. Martin

Measuring Completeness of Death Registration in Destabilized Populations.


James F. McCarthy

Patterns of Marriage Dissolution in the United States.


Hania Zlotnik

Cohort Fertility in the United States: 1901-1930.



Mary Barber Breckenridge

Time Series Model of Age-Specific Fertility: An Application of Exploratory Data Analysis.


Leila Thayer Erder

From Trade to Manufacture in Bursa: The Structure of a Turkish City 1835-1975.


Howard Ross Hogan

Age Patterns of Infant Mortality.



Bryan L. Boulier

Two Essays in the Economics of Dentistry: A Production Function for Dental Services and an Examination of the Effects of Licensure.


Douglas C. Ewbank

An Examination of Several Applications of the Standard Pattern of Age at First Marriage.


Jacqueline Eileen Darroch Forrest

Fertility Decline in Austria, 1880 to 1910.


Joseph Alfred Grinblat

A Dynamic Demographic Theory of Cohort Age-Specific Fertility.


Jane A. Menken

Estimating Fecundability.


Olivia Schieffelin Nordberg

Reproductive Behavior of the American Birth Cohort of 1911-20.


Nazek Khalil Nosseir

Measures of Fertility and Mortality in the Governorates of Egypt 1947-1960.


Joseph E. Potter

The Validity of Measuring Change in Fertility by Analyzing Birth Histories Obtained in Survey.



Lincoln Polissar

Parameterizing Age Distributions of Death by Cause.


Aykut Toros

Tarsus-II: A Social Experiment in Fertility Regulation.


T. James Trussell

Selected Applications of Model Fertility Schedules.



Barbara A. Anderson

Internal Migration in a Modernizing Society: The Case of Late Nineteenth Century European Russia.


Robert Nelson Hill

Interprovincial Migration and Its Effects on Settlement Patterns in Iran for the Intercensal Period 1956-1966.


Hilary Page

Age, Marriage Duration and Fertility: An Analysis of Cross-Sectional Data.


Ronald R. Rindfuss

Measurement of Personal Fertility Preferences.



J. Alexander Caldwell

American Economic Assistance to Thailand: A Case Study in Bilateral Foreign Aid.


Luis Roberto Cuca-Tolosa

Demography of Brazil: A Regional Study.


Thomas J. Espenshade

The Cost of Children in Urban United States.


Miroslav Macura

Estimates of the Completeness of Registration of Births and Infant Deaths in Yugoslavia and Its Main Provinces from the Late 1940s to 1961.


David Shapiro

Three Aspects of the Economics of Education in Alberta.


Leela Visaria

Religious and Regional Differences in Mortality and Fertility in the Indian Subcontinent.



James Edward Jr. Annable

The Transfer of Technology, Industrialization and the Urban Employment Problem in Low-Income Countries.


Stanislaus D'Souza

A Statistical Model for Interlive Birth Intervals of Non-Contraceptive Populations.



David Pokras Phillips

Dying as a Form of Social Behavior.


Jeremiah M. Sullivan

Estimation of Childhood Mortality Conditions from Childhood Survival Statistics.



Peter Yochanan Comay

International Migration of Professional Manpower: the Canada - United States Case.


Albert Isaac Hermalin

The Homogeneity of Siblings on Education and Occupation.


John W. Isbister

The Growth of Employment in Mexico.


Samuel H. Preston

Analysis of a Change in Western Mortality Patterns.


Martin Stanley Schmookler

Queueing Models for Computer Storage Problems.


Robert Vale Wells

A Demographic Analysis of some Middle Colony Quaker Families of the Eighteenth Century.



Richard Alan Malt

Population and the Fisc: the Effect of Demographic Change on Public Expenditures and Revenues.


John Skelton Williams

The Single Female Population in the United Sta1tes: A Demographic Analysis with Primary Emphasis on the White Population.



Yunshik Chang

Population in Early Modernization: Korea.


Pi-Chao Chen

The Politics of Population in Communist China: a Case Study of Birth Control Policy, 1949-1965.



John E. Knodel

Demographic Components of the Recent Recovery in Fertility in Selected Industrialized Countries.



Pravin M. Visaria

The Sex Ratio of the Population of India.



Thomas K. Burch

Internal Migration in Venezuela: A Methodological Study.


James William Leasure

Factors Involved in the Decline of Fertility in Spain, 1900-1950.



Paul G. Demeny

Investment Allocation and Population Growth.


Alvaro Lopez

Problems in Stable Population Theory.



Karol J. Krotki

Estimating Vital Rates from Peculiar and Inadequate Age Distributions (Sudanese Experience).



Hanna Rizk

Fertility Patterns in Selected Areas in Egypt.


Warren Clayton Robinson

Rural-Urban Fertility Differentials in Lesser Developed Countries.


Bernard Udis

Technology, Worker Mobility and Local Wage Differentials.



Melvin Zelnik

Estimates of Annual Births and Birth Rates for the White Population of the United States from 1855 to 1934.



Shri Narayan Agarwala

The Mean Age at Marriage in India as Ascertained from Census Data.


George Mair

The Projection of National Populations: A Report on the State of an Art.



George Watson Barclay

Colonial Development and Population in Taiwan.



Harvey Leibenstein

Toward a Theory of Demographic - Economic Development.


Norman Burston Ryder

The Cohort Approach: Essays in the Measurement of Temporal Variations in Demographic Behavior.