Certificate in Demography

The Office of Population Research, in connection with the Program in Population Studies, offers a non-degree Certificate in Demography to those who successfully complete four graduate courses in population studies: POP 501 (Survey of Population Problems), POP 502 (Research Methods in Demography), and two approved elective courses pertaining to some aspect of population. The first two are the basic graduate courses in demography: POP 501 is typically offered in the fall semester and is a prerequisite for POP 502, which is typically offered in the spring semester. 

OPR has awarded the Certificate in Demography to almost 70 students. In the past, applicants were usually enrolled MPA students from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and a handful of researchers from around the world (including the United Nations and the Population Council).  Currently, only graduate students pursuing a regular program of studies at Princeton will be eligible to receive the Certificate.  The certificate program is intended primarily for training scholars from other disciplines and does not lead to an advanced degree at Princeton.

Students who are interested in pursuing the Certificate in Demography are encouraged to meet with the OPR Director of Graduate Studies to discuss their interest and the classes they are planning to take to fulfill the Certificate requirements. Students register by submitting an email to the OPR Graduate Program Administrator.