Life Course Immunity Meeting

Following up on a recent meeting on vaccination held at Princeton, with the support of OPR, researchers from the JHBSPH and Princeton met to discuss measures of immunity across the life course, and opportunities and challenges for strengthening public health interventions around this theme. The discussion ranged from detailed issues of measurement and interpretation of individual immune profiles (from infections range from measles to malaria to cholera), to the theoretical consequences of landscapes of immunity for optimizing interventions, particularly vaccination, and understanding pathogen emergence.

Attendees: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: Prof. Bill Moss, Dr. Sonia Hegde, Jasmine Wang, Prof. Amy Wesolowski, Prof. Saki Takahashi, Dr. Alyssa Sbarra, Sophie Berube Princeton EEB/OPR: Holly Burrows, Justin Sheen, Qiqi Yang, Dr. Burcu Tepukele, Dr. , , Dr. Siyu Chen, Prof. Sarah Bjarke Frost Nielsen Arthur Menezes Cobey, Prof. Jessica Metcalf, Prof. Bryan Grenfell, Dr. Prerna Singh, Daniel Park, Dr. Emily Howerton, Dr. Benny Rice, Ari Freeman, Keenan Duggal, Libby Blazes

life course immunity