Hannah Postel

Doctoral Student, Population and Social Policy Program
Entered Fall 2017
219 Wallace Hall

B.A. International Politics and Economics
Middlebury College, 2013


Interests: Migration, particularly the migration-development nexus and the effectiveness of historical immigration policies.


Deterring Emigration with Foreign Aid: An Overview of Evidence from Low-Income Countries (with Michael A. Clemens). Population and Development Review, 44(4): December 2018, pages 667-93;

Immigration Restrictions as Active Labor Market Policy: Evidence from the Mexican Bracero Exclusion (with Michael A. Clemens and Ethan G. Lewis). American Economic Review, 108(6): June 2018, pages 1468-87.

Media Writing:

“Europe Is Making Its Migration Problem Worse. The Dangers of Aiding Autocrats” (2018 Foreign Affairs, with Loren Landau and Caroline Wanjiku Kihato);

"Trump is wrong. Norwegian immigrants are not better than Haitians for the US economy." (2018 CNBC commentary, with Cindy Huang).

Media Mentions:


Immigration to America is down. Wages are up; The Trump administration bars Haitians from visas for low-skilled work; How much you earn depends largely on where you live; European countries should make it easier for refugees to work

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By ending ‘temporary protected status’ for half a million people, Trump has probably increased illegal migration; Trump wants to cut immigration and foreign aid. Here's how they're connected

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