Jordan D. Klein

Doctoral Student, Program in Population Studies
229 Wallace Hall

B.S. International Relations
Tufts University, 2016 

M.P.H. Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Tufts University, 2017


Jordan Klein is a PhD student in the Program in Population Studies (PIPS) passionate about using data to help us better understand the human condition and advance social equity. At Princeton, his research has focused on the following two themes: 1) How human population health changes over time in different parts of the world, particularly through infectious disease and environmental factors, and how we can measure, model, and explain these changes. 2) The feasibility and ethics of using “big data” (eg digital trace data) for conducting demographic estimation, particularly among vulnerable populations. Having worked at an intergovernmental organization and a policy research firm prior to his time at Princeton, Jordan is particularly interested in translating research into policy.

Start Date
Fall 2019