Rafaela Dancygier

Professor of Politics and International Affairs
410 Robertson Hall

Ph.D. Political Science
Yale University, 2007


Rafaela Dancygier is Professor of Politics and Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, specializing in the comparative politics of advanced democracies. Her work has examined the domestic consequences of international immigration, the political representation of immigrant-origin minorities, and the determinants of discrimination and ethnic conflict.  Her first book Immigration and Conflict in Europe (Cambridge University Press, 2010) explains how immigration regimes and local political economies determine whether or not immigration destinations witness conflict between immigrants and natives, between immigrants and the state, or no conflict at all. Her second book, Dilemmas of Inclusion: Muslims in European Politics (Princeton University Press, 2017) examines how minority groups are incorporated into politics and explores the consequences of this inclusion for the nature of party politics and electoral cleavages. Her other work has appeared in outlets such as the American Journal of Political Science, American Political Science Review, Annual Review of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Comparative Politics, World Politics and in edited volumes.

Dancygier's current work investigates contemporary electoral realignments in Europe and the US, with a focus on electoral geography, housing and gender.

Selected Publications

Alizade, J., Dancygier, R., & Ditlmann, R. National penalties reversed: The local politics of citizenship and politician responsiveness to immigrants. Journal of Politics

Dancygier, R., Egami, N., Jamal, A., & Rischke, R. Hate crimes and gender imbalances: Fears over mate competition and violence against refugees. American Journal of Political Science

Dancgier, R. (2020). Another progressive's dilemma: Immigration, the radical right & threats to gender equality Daedalus, 149(2), 56

Dancygier, R. (2020). Another Progressive’s dilemma: Immigration, the radical right, and threats to gender equality. Daedalus, 149(1), 56-71

Dancygier, R., Lindgren, K., Nyman, P., & Vernby, K. (2020). Candidate supply is not a barrier to immigrant representation: A Case–Control study
American Journal of Political Science

Dancygier, R., & Margalit, Y. (2020). The evolution of the immigration debate: Evidence from a new dataset of party positions over the last half-century. Comparative Political Studies, 53(5), 734-774

Dancygier, R. M., Lindgren, K. O., Nyman, P., & Vernby, K. (Social Science Research Network). The pipeline is not the problem: A Case–Control study of immigrants’ political underrepresentation. 2019

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Dancygier, R. M., Egami, N., Jamal, A., & Rischke, R. (2019). Hating and mating: Fears over mate competition and violent hate crime against refugees. Social Science Research Network

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