Recent Publications

Alícia Adserà

Introduction: Fertility and Social Inequalities in Migrant Populations: a Look at the Roles of Selection, Context of Reception, and Employment N Milewski, A Adserà; Journal of International Migration and Integration, 1-21

English Proficiency, Gender and the Occupations of Childhood Immigrants in the US A Adserà, A Bhowmick; Journal of Labor Research, 1-24

Does One Municipality Fit All? The Employment of Refugees in Norway Across Municipalities of Different Centrality and Size A Adserà, S Andersen, M Tønnessen; European Journal of Population, 1-29

Migration, Migrants, and Fertility EA Parrado, A Adsera; PAA 2022 Annual Meeting

Leah Boustan

The Effect of Immigration Restrictions on Local Labor Markets: Lessons from the 1920s Border Closure; R Abramitzky, P Ager, L Boustan, E Cohen, CW Hansen, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

JUE insight: Condominium development does not lead to gentrification; L Boustan, RA Margo, MM Miller, J Reeves, J Steil Journal of Urban Economics, 103524

Computational analysis of 140 years of US political speeches reveals more positive but increasingly polarized framing of immigration; D Card, S Chang, C Becker, J Mendelsohn, R Voigt, L Boustan, ...: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (31), e2120510119

Automation After the Assembly Line: Computerized Machine Tools, Employment and Productivity in the United States; LP Boustan, J Choi, D Clingingsmith: National Bureau of Economic Research

Anne C. Case

The great divide: education, despair, and death A Case, A Deaton; Annual Review of Economics 14, 1-21

Understanding Inequality in a Globalizing World H Wang, A Deaton, A Case, D Blair; Understanding Globalization, Global Gaps, and Power Shifts in the 21st …

Dalton Conley

Genetic influences on educational achievement in cross-national perspective T Baier, V Lang, M Grätz, KJ Barclay, DC Conley, CT Dawes, T Laidley, ...; European Sociological Review 38 (6), 959-974

Are There Causal Effects of Genetic Population Structure? Evidence from Family Analyses R Sotoudeh, S Trejo, A Harpak, D Conley; BEHAVIOR GENETICS 52 (6), 391-392

The Economic Red Shift D Conley; Contemporary Sociology 51 (6), 429-432

Social and genetic associations with educational performance in a Scandinavian welfare state MA Isungset, D Conley, HD Zachrisson, E Ystrom, A Havdahl, PR Njølstad, ...; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (25), e2201869119

Janet M. Currie

What caused racial disparities in particulate exposure to fall? New evidence from the Clean Air Act and satellite-based measures of air quality J Currie, J Voorheis, R Walker; American Economic Review 113 (1), 71-97

The Relationship Between Income and Child Health: New Data for an Old Question J Currie, H Schwandt; JAMA 328 (24), 2402-2403

Effects of School Meals on Nutrition: Evidence from the Start of the School Year L Schulkind, M Bitler, J Currie, H Hoynes, K Ruffini, B Willage; 2022 APPAM Fall Research Conference

Socioeconomic Status and Access to Mental Health Care: The Case of Psychiatric Medications for Children in Ontario Canada J Currie, P Kurdyak, J Zhang; National Bureau of Economic Research

Rafaela Dancygier

Hate crimes and gender imbalances: fears over mate competition and violence against refugees R Dancygier, N Egami, A Jamal, R Rischke; American Journal of Political Science 66 (2), 501-515

Emigration and Populism R Dancygier, SH Dehdari, D Laitin, M Marbach, K Vernby; SocArXiv

Sir Angus Deaton

The great divide: education, despair, and death A Case, A Deaton; Annual Review of Economics 14, 1-21

GDP, wellbeing, and health: thoughts on the 2017 round of the International Comparison Program A Deaton, P Schreyer; Review of Income and Wealth 68 (1), 1-15

Item Context Effects Are Relevant for Monitoring Evaluative Well-being: Replication of Previous Work and Mitigation AA Stone, M Walentynowicz, S Schneider, DU Junghaenel, JE Broderick, ...; Field Methods 34 (1), 36-51

Understanding Inequality in a Globalizing World H Wang, A Deaton, A Case, D Blair; Understanding Globalization, Global Gaps, and Power Shifts in the 21st …

Matthew Desmond

The Impact of Zoning Regimes on Residential Integration and Displacement M Mleczko, M Desmond; 2022 APPAM Fall Research Conference

Eviction from public housing in the United States: A Gromis, JR Hendrickson, M Desmond: Cities 127, 103749

COVID-19 Housing Policy: State and Federal Eviction Moratoria and Supportive Measures in the United States During the Pandemic EA Benfer, R Koehler, A Mark, V Nazzaro, AK Alexander, P Hepburn, ...; Housing Policy Debate, 1-25

Unaffordable America: Poverty, housing, and eviction: American Journal of Sociology M Desmond; The Affordable Housing Reader, 389-395

Susan Fiske

37 Social Cognition, Always the Great Beyond; ST Fiske; Pillars of Social Psychology: Stories and Retrospectives, 317

Explore-Exploit Tradeoffs Generate Cascading Societal Stereotypes; X Bai, T Griffiths, S Fiske: PsyArXiv

Exploring the adaptive role of core social motives in perceived societal threats ES Kashima, DP Ochoa, G Nicolas, GC Ah Gang, H Du, J Klackl, ...; Asian Journal of Social Psychology 25 (2), 249-266

Social motives of university students in seven countries: Measurement development and validation ES Kashima, N Plusnin, DP Ochoa, H Du, J Klackl, GC Ah Gang, SW Gan, ...; Asian Journal of Social Psychology 25 (2), 198-218

Filiz Garip

Compound impacts from droughts and structural vulnerability on human mobility L Thalheimer, N Choquette-Levy, F Garip; iScience, 105491

How to model the weather-migration link: a machine-learning approach to variable selection in the Mexico-US context; MD Molina, N Chau, AD Rodewald, F Garip: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 1-27

Noreen Goldman

Reductions in US life expectancy during the COVID-19 pandemic by race and ethnicity: Is 2021 a repetition of 2020?; T Andrasfay, N Goldman: Plos one 17 (8), e0272973

Constructing a Work History Dataset of Jobs Held During Early and Middle Adulthood Using the Health and Retirement Study; SS Park, B Pratt, AR Pebley, N Goldman, MG Sheftel, T Andrasfay, K Lee

Multilevel factors for adiposity change in a population-based prospective study of black breast cancer survivors B Qin, K Kim, N Goldman, AG Rundle, D Chanumolu, N Zeinomar, B Xu, ...; Journal of Clinical Oncology, JCO. 21.02973

Evidence that ageing yields improvements as well as declines across attention and executive functions J Veríssimo, P Verhaeghen, N Goldman, M Weinstein, MT Ullman; Nature Human Behaviour 6 (1), 97-110

Bryan Grenfell

Assessing the effects of measles virus infections on childhood infectious disease mortality in Brazil S Xia, CC Gullickson, CJE Metcalf, BT Grenfell, MJ Mina; The Journal of Infectious Diseases 227 (1), 133-140

Long-term benefits of nonpharmaceutical interventions for endemic infections are shaped by respiratory pathogen dynamics RE Baker, CM Saad-Roy, SW Park, J Farrar, CJE Metcalf, BT Grenfell; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (49), e2208895119

Sociocultural determinants of global mask-wearing behavior; L Yang, SM Constantino, BT Grenfell, EU Weber, SA Levin, ...:  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (41), e2213525119

Comparing and linking machine learning and semi-mechanistic models for the predictability of endemic measles dynamics; MSY Lau, A Becker, W Madden, LA Waller, CJE Metcalf, BT Grenfell: PLoS computational biology 18 (9), e1010251

Jennifer Jennings

Elevated water lead levels in schools using water from on-site wells; S Latham, JL Jennings: Journal of Water and Health

When Do Informational Interventions Work? Experimental Evidence from New York City High School Choice S Cohodes, S Corcoran, J Jennings, C Sattin-Bajaj; National Bureau of Economic Research

Homelessness and School Choice: Examining the School Choice Experiences of Families Living in Shelter C Sattin-Bajaj, JL Jennings; Peabody Journal of Education 97 (1), 32-46

Reducing lead exposure in school water: Evidence from remediation efforts in New York City public schools S Latham, JL Jennings; Environmental Research 203, 111735

Douglas S. Massey

Migration Studies in Latin America: An Interdisciplinary Account DS Massey; The Routledge History of Modern Latin American Migration, 11-30

Migrating through the Corridor of Death: The Making of a Complex Humanitarian Crisis; P Solano, DS Massey: Journal on Migration and Human Security 10 (3), 147-172

Young, Gifted and Diverse: Origins of the New Black Elite CZ Charles, DS Massey, KC Torres, R Kramer; Princeton University Press

Larissa Adler Lomnitz: Anthropologist who showed how the poor used social networks to survive and the rich to thrive; DS Massey: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (33), e2212472119

C. Jessica E. Metcalf

Assessing the effects of measles virus infections on childhood infectious disease mortality in Brazil S Xia, CC Gullickson, CJE Metcalf, BT Grenfell, MJ Mina; The Journal of Infectious Diseases 227 (1), 133-140

Long-term benefits of nonpharmaceutical interventions for endemic infections are shaped by respiratory pathogen dynamics RE Baker, CM Saad-Roy, SW Park, J Farrar, CJE Metcalf, BT Grenfell; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (49), e2208895119

Long term intrinsic cycling in human life course antibody responses to influenza A (H3N2): an observational and modelling study B Yang, B García-Carreras, J Lessler, JM Read, H Zhu, CJE Metcalf, ...

Prioritizing COVID-19 vaccination efforts and dose allocation within Madagascar F Rasambainarivo, T Ramiadantsoa, A Raherinandrasana, ...; BMC public health 22 (1), 1-9

Sanyu A. Mojola

“I’m getting life from the treatment”: Perceptions of Living and Dying on Antiretroviral Treatment among Older Medication-Adherent Persons Living with HIV in Rural South Africa. David, Ifeolu J., Enid Schatz, Nicole C. Angotti, Tyler W. Myroniuk and Sanyu A. Mojola; Journal of Aging and Social Policy

The Meaning of Health in Rural South Africa: Gender, The Life Course and the Socio-Epidemiological Context Mojola, Sanyu A, Erin Ice, Enid Schatz, Nicole Angotti, Brian Houle and F. Xavier Gómez- Olivé; Population and Development Review, December 2022 48(4): 1061- 1095

Anti- Retroviral Therapy and Aging as Resources in Managing and Resisting HIV-Related Stigma in Rural South Africa Denardo, Danielle, Sanyu A. Mojola, Enid Schatz and F.Xavier Gómez-Olivé; Social Science and Medicine -Qualitative Research in Health, Volume
2, December 2022, 100148 

Making Sense of Troubled Livelihoods: Gendered Expectations and Poor Health Narratives in Rural South Africa Ice, Erin, Sanyu A. Mojola, Nicole Angotti, F. Xavier Gómez-Olivé and Brian Houle; Gender and Society, October 2022 36(5): 735–763. 

Daniel Notterman

Telomere Length in Preterm Infants DA Notterman, LM Schneper, A Drake, C Piyasena; Princeton University

Calcium Use during Paediatric In-hospital Cardiac Arrest is Associated with Worse Outcomes K Cashen, RM Sutton, RW Reeder, T Ahmed, MJ Bell, RA Berg, C Burns, ...; Resuscitation, 109673

Diastolic Blood Pressure Threshold During Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Survival Outcomes: A Multicenter Validation Study RA Berg, RW Morgan, RW Reeder, T Ahmed, MJ Bell, R Bishop, ...; Critical Care Medicine 51 (1), 91-102

Polymethylation scores for prenatal maternal smoke exposure persist until age 15 and are detected in saliva in the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing cohort FA Blostein, J Fisher, J Dou, L Schneper, EB Ware, DA Notterman, ...; Epigenetics 17 (13), 2223-2240

Elizabeth Levy Paluck

Network insiders and observers: who can identify influential people? R Gomila, H Shepherd, EL Paluck; Behavioural Public Policy 7 (1), 115-142

The effect of the leaked Supreme Court draft abortion decision on public opinion and perceptions of the Court EL Paluck, CS Clark; PsyArXiv

Having a voice in your group: Increasing productivity through group participation–ERRATUM SJ Wu, EL Paluck; Behavioural Public Policy, 1-2

A Behavioral-Science Framework for Understanding College Campus Sexual Assault; AP Gantman, EL Paluck: Perspectives on psychological science 17 (4), 979-994

Alejandro Portes

Emerging Global Cities: Origin, Structure, and Significance A Portes, AC Armony; Columbia University Press

Conclusion Theoretical Implications, Climate Change, and Future Challenges A Portes, AC Armony; Emerging Global Cities, 237-252

Global Hopefuls An Overview A Portes, AC Armony; Emerging Global Cities, 125-141

The Role of Cities in the Capitalist Economy An Overview A Portes, AC Armony; Emerging Global Cities, 13-33

James Raymo

The second demographic transition in Japan: a review of the evidence JM Raymo; China Population and Development Studies, 1-21

Defining Childlessness Among Middle-Aged and Older Americans: A Research Note X Xu, J Liang, JM Raymo, BR Kim, MB Ofstedal; Demography 59 (3), 813-826

Loneliness at Older Ages in the United States: Lonely Life Expectancy and the Role of Loneliness in Health Disparities JM Raymo, J Wang; Demography 59 (3), 921-947

Gender Differences in the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Psychological Well-being JM Raymo, F Uchikoshi, S Yuri; PAA 2022 Annual Meeting

Matthew Salganik

Experimental study of inequality and unpredictability in an artificial cultural market MJ Salganik, PS Dodds, DJ Watts; Handbook of Sociological Science, 443-445 

Rejoinder: Concluding Remarks on Scholarly Communications J Katz, G King, E Rosenblatt, G Evans, G King, AD Smith, A Thakurta, ...; Political Analysis 27, 46-68

Patrick T. Sharkey

When and where does violence beget violence? Y Shen, P Sharkey; Preventive medicine, 107184

A Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the Effect of the New York State Gun Violence Reduction Program O Aboaba, B Hansen, M LaForest, L Parker, P Sharkey; Working Paper

Neighborhood Inequality and Violence in Chicago, 1965–2020; P Sharkey, A Marsteller: University of Chicago Law Review 89 (2), 3

LaFleur Stephens-Dougan

Are Black state legislators more responsive to emails associated with the NAACP versus BLM? A field experiment on Black intragroup politics J Fenton, LF Stephens-Dougan; Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics 7 (2), 203-218

White Americans’ Reactions to Racial Disparities in COVID-19 L Stephens-Dougan; American Political Science Review, 1-8

Brandon Stewart

How to make causal inferences using texts; N Egami, CJ Fong, J Grimmer, ME Roberts, BM Stewart: Science Advances 8 (42), eabg2652

Mobile positioning data; ME Roberts, BM Stewart, D Tingley: Elgar Encyclopedia of Technology and Politics 64 (4), 110

Handle with Care: A Sociologist's Guide to Causal Inference with Instrumental Variables; C Felton, BM Stewart: SocArXiv

Text as data: A new framework for machine learning and the social sciences J Grimmer, ME Roberts, BM Stewart; Princeton University Press

Yu Xie

The moral filter of patriotic prejudice: How Americans view Chinese in the COVID-19 era Q He, Y Xie; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (47), e2212183119

Dual pathways of intergenerational influence over multiple generations Q Huang, X Song, Y Xie; Chinese Sociological Review, 1-40

Caught in the Crossfire: Fears of Chinese-American Scientists; Y Xie, X Lin, J Li, Q He, J Huang: arXiv preprint arXiv:2209.10642

The evolution of demographic methods; T Li, Y Xie: Social Science Research 107, 102768