Recent Publications

Alicia Adsera

Growing Inequality during the Great Recession: the education gap in unemployment and labor market institutions across Europe and in the United States (with Caroline Berghammer), Acta Sociologica (forthcoming 2022).

Linguistic proximity and the labour market performance of immigrant men in Canada (with Ana Ferrer), Labour (forthcoming 2021).

Community Characteristics and the Fertility of Refugees in Norway under a Settlement Policy (with Synove Andersen and Marianne Tonnessen), Journal of International Migration and Integration (forthcoming 2021).

Leah Boustan

“Leaving the Enclave: Historical Evidence on Immigrant Mobility from the Industrial Removal Office,” with Ran Abramitzky and Dylan Connor. Revision requested at Journal of Economic History.

“The Effect of Immigration on Local Labor Markets: Lessons from the 1920s Border Closure,” with Ran Abramitzky, Philipp Ager, Elior Cohen and Casper Worm Hansen. American Economic Journal: Applied, Forthcoming.

“The Intergenerational Effects of a Large Wealth Shock: White Southerners after the Civil War,” with Philipp Ager and Katherine Eriksson. American Economic Review, 111.11 (2021): 3767–94.

“Automated Linking of Historical Data,” with Ran Abramizky, Katherine Eriksson, James Feigenbaum, and Santiago Pérez. Journal of Economic Literature, 59.3 (2021): 865–918.

“Intergenerational Mobility of Immigrants in the U.S. over Two Centuries,” with Ran Abramitzky, Elisa Jácome & Santiago Pérez. American Economic Review, 111 (2021): 580–608.

Janet M. Currie

“Congestion Pricing, Air Pollution, and Children's Health,” Journal of Human Resources, with  Peter Nilsson, Emilia Simeonova, and Reed Walker, forthcoming Fall, 2021. 

“Medicaid and CHIP Improve Child Health and Reduce Poverty but Face Threats,” Academic Pediatrics, forthcoming, with Anna Chorniy. 

“Violence while in Utero: The Impact of Assaults During Pregnancy on Birth Outcomes,” Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming, with Maya Rossin-Slater and Michael Mueller-Smith. 

“The Opioid Epidemic Was Not Primarily Caused by Economic Distress But by Other Factors that Can be More Readily Addressed,” Annals of Political and Social Science, forthcoming May 2021, with Hannes Schwandt. 

"Trends in Drug Overdose Mortality in Ohio During the First 7 Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic", JAMA Network Open, April 14, 2021 4(4): e217112, with Molly Schnell, Hannes Schwandt, and Jonathan Zhang. 

“Prescribing of Opioid Analgesics and Buprenorphine for Opioid-Use Disorder During the Pandemic,” JAMA Network Open, April 15, 2021, 4(4): e216147, with Molly Schnell, Hannes Schwandt, and Jonathan Zhang. 

"The Evolution of Mortality Inequality in 11 OECD Countries: Introduction" with James Banks, Sonya Krutikova, Kjell Salvanes, and Hannes Schwandt, Fiscal Studies, 42 #1, March 2021. 

“Geographic Inequality in Income and Mortality in Germany,” with Peter Redler, Hannes Schwandt, Joachim Winter, and Amelie Wupperman, Fiscal Studies, 42 #1, March 2021. 

"Mortality Inequality: Updated Estimates for the United States, Canada and France" with Michael Baker, Boriana Miloucheva, Hannes Schwandt, and Josselin Thuilliez, Fiscal Studies, 42 #1, March 2021. 

Rafaela Dancygier

Forthcoming: "Competing for Loyalists? How Party Positioning Affects Populist Radical Right Voting." With Winston Chou, Naoki Egami and Amaney Jamal. Comparative Political Studies.

Forthcoming: "Hate Crimes and Gender Imbalances: Fears over Mate Competition and Violence against Refugees". With Naoki Egami, Amaney Jamal and Ramona Rischke. American Journal of Political Science.

2021: "Candidate Supply Is Not A Barrier to Immigrant Representation: A Case-Control Study." With Karl-Oskar Lindgren, Pär Nyman, and Kåre Vernby. American Journal of Political Science 65(3): 683-698.

2021: "National Penalties Reversed: The Local Politics of Citizenship and Politician Responsiveness to Immigrants". With Jeyhun Alizade and Ruth Ditlmann. Journal of Politics 83(3): 867-883.

2021."Why Parties Displace their Voters: Gentrification, Coalitional Change, and the Demise of Public Housing." With Winston Chou. American Political Science Review 115(2): 429-449.

Matthew Desmond

Forthcoming: Rutan, Devin Q., and Matthew Desmond, “Durable Pathways to Homelessness: The Concentrated Geography of Eviction,” The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

Forthcoming: Porton, Adam, Ashley Gromis, and Matthew Desmond. “Inaccuracies in Eviction Records,” Housing Policy Debate

Noreen Goldman

Andrasfay T, Raymo N, Goldman N, Pebley AR. Physical Work Conditions and Disparities in Later Life Functioning: Potential Pathways. SSM - Population Health. 2021.

Andrasfay T, Goldman N. Reductions in US Life Expectancy from COVID-19 by Race and Ethnicity: Is 2021 a Repetition of 2020?. medrxiv. 2021

Leggat-Barr K, Uchikoshi F, Goldman N. COVID-19 Risk Factors and Mortality among Native Americans. Demographic Research. 2021;45 :1185-1218. 

Goldman N, Pebley AR, Lee K, Andrasfay T, Pratt B. Racial and Ethnic Differentials in COVID-19 Related Job Exposures by Occupational Status in the US. PLOS ONE. 2021. 

Andrasfay T, Goldman N. Physical Work Exposures of Older Workers: Does Measurement Make a Difference?. Work, Aging and Retirement. 2021;XX (XX) :1-11. 

Castro M, Gurzenda S, Turra CM, et al. Reduction in Life Expectancy in Brazil after COVID-19. Nature Medicine. 2021.

Goldman N, Andrasfay T. Association of the COVID-19 Pandemic With Estimated Life Expectancy by Race/Ethnicity in the United States, 2020. JAMA Network. 2021. 

Verissimo J, Verhaeghen P, Goldman N, Weinstein M, Ullman MT. Evidence That Aging Yields Improvements As Well As Declines Across Attention and Executive Functions. Nature Human Behaviour. 2021.

Pebley AR, Goldman N, Andrasfay T, Pratt B. Trajectories of Physical Functioning Among Older Adults in the US by Race, Ethnicity and Nativity: Examining the Role of Working Conditions. PLOS ONE. 2021;16 (3). 

Plascak JJ, Llanos AAM, Qin B, et al. Visual Cues of the Built Environment and Perceived Stress among a Cohort of Black Breast Cancer Survivors. Health & Place. 2021;67.

Andrasfay T, Goldman N. Reductions in 2020 US Life Expectancy Due to COVID-19 and the Disproportionate Impact on the Black and Latino Populations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2021;118 (5).

Tod Hamilton

Hamilton, T. G., & Hagos, R. (2021). Race and the healthy immigrant effect. . Public Policy & Aging Report.

Kate Ho

“Estimates of ACO Savings in the Presence of Provider and Beneficiary Selection”
(With Marietou Ouayogode, Ellen Meara, Christopher Snyder and Carrie Colla). Healthcare 2021, 9(1) 100460.

Jennifer Jennings

Forthcoming: Sattin-Bajaj, Carolyn and Jennifer L. Jennings. Homelessness and School Choice: Examining the Experiences of Families Living in Shelter. Peabody Journal of Education.

Forthcoming: Latham, Scott, Sean Corcoran, Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj, and Jennifer Jennings. Racial Disparities in Pre-k Quality: Evidence from New York City’s Universal Pre-K Program. Educational Researcher.

Forthcoming: Latham, Scott and Jennifer L. Jennings. “Reducing Lead Exposure in School Water: Evidence from Remediation Efforts in New York City Schools.” Environmental Research (203).

Douglas S. Massey

2021 “The Bipartisan Origins of White Nationalism.” Daedalus, forthcoming.

2021 “Unmasking Irregular Migration to the United States.” Forthcoming in Raúl Delgado Wise, ed., Handbook on Migration and Development. Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing. (with Jorge Durand)

2021 “Evidencias de un Catástrofe en Venezuela.” Forthcoming in Susanne Gratius and José Manuel Puente, eds., El Conflicto Venezolano: Perspectiva Económica, Política e Internacional. Caracas: Instituto de Estudios Superiores in Administración, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. (with Magaly Sanchez)

2021 “What were the paradoxical consequences of militarizing the border with Mexico?.” Chapter 2 in Edward E. Telles and Raul Hinojosa, eds., Equitable Globalization? Migration, Trade and Race in US-Mexico Relations. Berkeley: University of California Press, forthcoming.

2021 “America's Unequal Metropolitan Geography: Segregation and the Spatial Concentration of Affluence and Poverty” Pp. 161-187 in Frances M. Rosenbluth and Margaret Weir, eds., Who Gets What? The New Politics of Insecurity. New York: Cambridge University Press. (with Jacob S. Rugh)

Elizabeth Levy Paluck

Ricart-Huguet, J., & Paluck, E.L. (in press). When the sorting hat sorts randomly: A natural experiment

on culture. Quarterly Journal of Political Science.
Gantman, A., & Paluck, E.L. (in press). A behavioral problem without a behavioral solution: Sexual

assault on college campuses.Perspectives on Psychological Science.
Paluck, E.L., & Starck, J. (2021). Perspective getting in a democracy .Psychological Inquiry , 32:3, 178-179,

James Raymo

Raymo, James M., Fumiya Uchikoshi, and Shohei Yoda. 2021. “Marriage Intentions, Desires, and Pathways to Later and Less Marriage in Japan.” Demographic Research 44: 67–98.

Brandon Stewart

Grimmer, Justin, Margaret E. Roberts, and Brandon M. Stewart. 2021. “Machine Learning for Social Science: An Agnostic Approach”. Annual Review of Political Science 24.

Lundberg, Ian, Rebecca Johnson, and Brandon M. Stewart. 2021. “What is Your Estimand? Defining the Target Quantity Connects Statistical Evidence to Theory”. American Sociological Review 86 (3):532-565.

Anne C. Case

Case, Anne, and Angus Deaton. 2021. “MORTALITY RATES BY COLLEGE DEGREE BEFORE AND DURING COVID-19.” NBER Working Paper Series.

Case, Anne, and Angus Deaton. 2021. “The Great Divide: Education, Despair and Death.” NBER Working Paper Series 29241.

Anne Case, Angus Deaton. 2021. “Life expectancy in adulthood is falling for those without a BA degree, but as educational gaps have widened, racial gaps have narrowed- PNAS”.