Recent Publications

Alicia Adsera

Does One Municipality Fit All? The Employment of Refugees in Norway Across Municipalities of Different Centrality and Size A Adserà, S Andersen, M Tønnessen; European Journal of Population, 1-29 (2022)

Migration, Migrants, and Fertility EA Parrado, A Adsera; PAA 2022 Annual Meeting (2022)

The Rise of Cohabitation and Changes to Gendered Work Specialization A Adsera, F Querin; PAA 2022 Annual Meeting (2022)

Growing inequality during the Great Recession: Labour market institutions and the education gap in unemployment across Europe and in the United States C Berghammer, A Adserà; Acta Sociologica, 00016993221083226 (2022)

Joao Biehl

Editoração: Oikos Capa: Juliana Nascimento Revisão: Geraldo Korndörfer Diagramação e arte-final: Jair de O. Carlos MFII Marcondes, G dos Santos, R Paraná, B Scharlau, A da Rosa Oliveira, ... (2022)

Editoração: Oikos Capa: Diogo Alves Novaes Revisão: Rui Bender Diagramação e arte-final: Jair de O. Carlos R Paraná, B Scharlau, A da Rosa Oliveira, D Streck, E Cecchetti, ... (2022)

Leah Boustan

The Effect of Immigration Restrictions on Local Labor Markets: Lessons from the 1920s Border Closure; R Abramitzky, P Ager, L Boustan, E Cohen, CW Hansen, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, (forthcoming)

Dalton Conley

Social and genetic associations with educational performance in a Scandinavian welfare state MA Isungset, D Conley, HD Zachrisson, E Ystrom, A Havdahl, PR Njølstad, ...; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (25), e2201869119 (2022)

Polygenic Scores for Plasticity: A New Tool for Studying Gene–Environment Interplay R Johnson, R Sotoudeh, D Conley; Demography 59 (3), 1045-1070 (2022)

Rising Educational Gap in Mortality and Morbidity: Role of Polygenic Influence X Wang, D Conley; PAA 2022 Annual Meeting (2022)

Horizontal Educational Stratification Through a Genetic Lens: Effects of Social Background and Genetic Endowment on College Selectivity and Wages F Uchikoshi, D Conley; PAA 2022 Annual Meeting (2022)

Biosocial Approaches to Population Health D Conley, D Belsky; PAA 2022 Annual Meeting (2022)

Janet M. Currie

Mothers as Insurance: Family Spillovers in WIC M Bitler, J Currie, HW Hoynes, KJ Ruffini, L Schulkind, B Willage; National Bureau of Economic Research (2022)

Violence while in utero: The impact of assaults during pregnancy on birth outcomes J Currie, M Mueller-Smith, M Rossin-Slater; Review of Economics and Statistics 104 (3), 525-540 (2022)

The Effects of Legal Representation on Tenant Outcomes in Housing Court: Evidence from New York City's Universal Access Program MT Cassidy, J Currie; National Bureau of Economic Research (2022)

Leveraging the Urgency of Economic Disparities Driven by the COVID-19 Pandemic to Strengthen the US Safety Net R Hamad, K Ruffini, M Bitler, J Currie; NAM perspectives (2022)

Tackling the Substance Use Disorder Crisis: The Role of Access to Treatment Facilities A Corredor-Waldron, J Currie; Journal of Health Economics 81, 102579 (2022)

Rafaela Dancygier

Hate crimes and gender imbalances: fears over mate competition and violence against refugees R Dancygier, N Egami, A Jamal, R Rischke; American Journal of Political Science 66 (2), 501-515 (2022)

Emigration and Populism R Dancygier, SH Dehdari, D Laitin, M Marbach, K Vernby; SocArXiv (2022)

Matthew Desmond

COVID-19 Housing Policy: State and Federal Eviction Moratoria and Supportive Measures in the United States During the Pandemic EA Benfer, R Koehler, A Mark, V Nazzaro, AK Alexander, P Hepburn, ...; Housing Policy Debate, 1-25 (2022)

Estimating eviction prevalence across the United States A Gromis, I Fellows, JR Hendrickson, L Edmonds, L Leung, A Porton, ...; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (21), e2116169119 (2022)

Eviction from public housing in the United States A Gromis, JR Hendrickson, M Desmond; Cities, 103749 (2022)

Inequality Below the Poverty Line Since 1967: The Role of US Welfare Policy M Desmond, Z Parolin, CT Wimer; PAA 2022 Annual Meeting (2022)

Beyond Urban Displacement: Suburban Poverty and Eviction P Hepburn, DQ Rutan, M Desmond; Urban Affairs Review, 10780874221085676 (2022)

Kathryn Edin

Coming of Age in Appalachia, Emerging or Expedited Adulthood? EEN Miller, K Edin; RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences 8 (4), 50-67 (2022)

The Importance of Other Adults in the New Other America: Improving Survey Measures of Youth’s Nonparental Adult Relationships R Brown-Weinstock, K Edin, S Gold, M Kang; PAA 2022 Annual Meeting (2022)

Susan Fiske

Exploring the adaptive role of core social motives in perceived societal threats ES Kashima, DP Ochoa, G Nicolas, GC Ah Gang, H Du, J Klackl, ...; Asian Journal of Social Psychology 25 (2), 249-266 (2022)

Social motives of university students in seven countries: Measurement development and validation ES Kashima, N Plusnin, DP Ochoa, H Du, J Klackl, GC Ah Gang, SW Gan, ...; Asian Journal of Social Psychology 25 (2), 198-218 (2022)

A spontaneous stereotype content model: Taxonomy, properties, and prediction. G Nicolas, X Bai, ST Fiske; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (2022)

Love and Work ST Fiske; Reflections from Pioneering Women in Psychology, 113 (2022)

Globally Inaccurate Stereotypes Can Result from Locally Adaptive Exploration X Bai, ST Fiske, TL Griffiths; Psychological Science, 09567976211045929 (2022)

Noreen Goldman

Multilevel factors for adiposity change in a population-based prospective study of black breast cancer survivors B Qin, K Kim, N Goldman, AG Rundle, D Chanumolu, N Zeinomar, B Xu, ...; Journal of Clinical Oncology, JCO. 21.02973 (2022)

Evidence that ageing yields improvements as well as declines across attention and executive functions J Veríssimo, P Verhaeghen, N Goldman, M Weinstein, MT Ullman; Nature Human Behaviour 6 (1), 97-110 (2022)

Impact of COVID-19 on Life Expectancy among Native Americans N Goldman, T Andrasfay; medRxiv (2022)

Bryan Grenfell

The importance of the generation interval in investigating dynamics and control of new SARS-CoV-2 variants SW Park, BM Bolker, S Funk, CJE Metcalf, JS Weitz, BT Grenfell, ...; Journal of the Royal Society Interface 19 (191), 20220173 (2022)

Immuno-epidemiology and the predictability of viral evolution CM Saad-Roy, CJE Metcalf, BT Grenfell; Science 376 (6598), 1161-1162 (2022)

A global system for the next generation of vaccines N Arinaminpathy, CM Saad-Roy, Q Yang, I Ahmad, P Yadav, B Grenfell; Science 376 (6592), 462-464 (2022)

Modelling vaccination strategies for COVID-19 CE Wagner, CM Saad-Roy, BT Grenfell; Nature Reviews Immunology 22 (3), 139-141 (2022)

Enterovirus D68: a test case for the use of immunological surveillance to develop tools to mitigate the pandemic potential of emerging pathogens H Nguyen-Tran, SW Park, K Messacar, SR Dominguez, MR Vogt, ...; The Lancet Microbe 3 (2), e83-e85 (2022)

Kate Ho

How Do Copayment Coupons Affect Branded Drug Prices and Quantities Purchased? L Dafny, K Ho, E Kong; National Bureau of Economic Research (2022)

THE ECONOMETRIC SOCIETY ANNUAL REPORTS. REPORT OF THE EDITORS 2020-2021 GW Imbens, O Bandiera, D Donaldson, K Ho, C Jones, BL Lipman, ...; ECONOMETRICA 90 (1), 485-488 (2022)

Jennifer Jennings

When Do Informational Interventions Work? Experimental Evidence from New York City High School Choice S Cohodes, S Corcoran, J Jennings, C Sattin-Bajaj; National Bureau of Economic Research (2022)

Homelessness and School Choice: Examining the School Choice Experiences of Families Living in Shelter C Sattin-Bajaj, JL Jennings; Peabody Journal of Education 97 (1), 32-46 (2022)

Reducing lead exposure in school water: Evidence from remediation efforts in New York City public schools S Latham, JL Jennings; Environmental Research 203, 111735 (2022)

Douglas S. Massey

Young, Gifted and Diverse: Origins of the New Black Elite CZ Charles, DS Massey, KC Torres, R Kramer; Princeton University Press (2022)

The New System of Mexican Migration: The Role of Entry Mode–Specific Human and Social Capital J Wassink, DS Massey; Demography 59 (3), 1071-1092 (2022)

C. Jessica E. Metcalf

Prioritizing COVID-19 vaccination efforts and dose allocation within Madagascar F Rasambainarivo, T Ramiadantsoa, A Raherinandrasana, ...; BMC public health 22 (1), 1-9 (2022)

The importance of the generation interval in investigating dynamics and control of new SARS-CoV-2 variants SW Park, BM Bolker, S Funk, CJE Metcalf, JS Weitz, BT Grenfell, ...; Journal of the Royal Society Interface 19 (191), 20220173 (2022)

Comparing the age and sex trajectories of SARS-CoV-2 morbidity and mortality with other respiratory pathogens CJE Metcalf, J Paireau, M O'Driscoll, M Pivette, B Hubert, I Pontais, ...; Royal Society Open Science 9 (6), 211498 (2022)

The required size of cluster randomized trials of nonpharmaceutical interventions in epidemic settings JK Sheen, J Haushofer, CJE Metcalf, L Kennedy‐Shaffer; Statistics in medicine 41 (13), 2466-2482 (2022)

Immuno-epidemiology and the predictability of viral evolution CM Saad-Roy, CJE Metcalf, BT Grenfell; Science 376 (6598), 1161-1162 (2022)

Daniel Notterman

Machine learning derivation of four computable 24-h pediatric sepsis phenotypes to facilitate enrollment in early personalized anti-inflammatory clinical trials Y Qin, KF Kernan, Z Fan, HJ Park, S Kim, SW Canna, JA Kellum, RA Berg, ...; Critical Care 26 (1), 1-16 (2022)

Impact of paternal education on epigenetic ageing in adolescence and mid-adulthood: a multi-cohort study in the USA and Mexico BT Joyce, T Gao, K Koss, Y Zheng, A Cardenas, J Heiss, A Just, K Zhang, ...; International Journal of Epidemiology 51 (3), 870-884 (2022)

PVP1—The People’s Ventilator Project: A fully open, low-cost, pressure-controlled ventilator research platform compatible with adult and pediatric uses J LaChance, M Schottdorf, TJ Zajdel, JL Saunders, S Dvali, C Marshall, ...; PloS one 17 (5), e0266810 (2022)

Assessment of Patient Health-Related Quality of Life and Functional Outcomes in Pediatric Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome SG Ames, RK Banks, MS Zinter, EL Fink, PS McQuillen, MW Hall, A Zuppa, ...; Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 10.1097 (2022)

Lower respiratory tract infections in children requiring mechanical ventilation: a multicentre prospective surveillance study incorporating airway metagenomics A Tsitsiklis, CM Osborne, J Kamm, K Williamson, K Kalantar, G Dudas, ...; The Lancet Microbe 3 (4), e284-e293 (2022)

James Raymo

Matthew Salganik

Experimental study of inequality and unpredictability in an artificial cultural market MJ Salganik, PS Dodds, DJ Watts; Handbook of Sociological Science, 443-445 (2022)

Rejoinder: Concluding Remarks on Scholarly Communications J Katz, G King, E Rosenblatt, G Evans, G King, AD Smith, A Thakurta, ...; Political Analysis 27, 46-68 (2022)

Brandon Stewart

Text as data: A new framework for machine learning and the social sciences J Grimmer, ME Roberts, BM Stewart; Princeton University Press (2022)

Yu Xie

Economic inequalities in contemporary rural China: How does political capital matter? Q He, Y Xie; Social Science Research 105, 102724 (2022)

A bamboo ceiling in the classroom? Y Xie; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (22), e2203850119 (2022)

In the Eyes of the Beholder: How China and the US See Each Other D Wang, Y Ming, S Dorius, Y Xie; Journal of Contemporary China 31 (134), 232-249 (2022)

The effect of land expropriation on local political trust in China X Zhao, Y Xie; Land Use Policy 114, 105966 (2022)

The Impact of COVID-19 on Americans’ Attitudes toward China: Does Local Incidence Rate Matter? Q He, Z Zhang, Y Xie; Social Psychology Quarterly 85 (1), 84-107 (2022)

Alejandro Portes

Emerging Global Cities: Origin, Structure, and Significance A Portes, AC Armony; Columbia University Press (2022)

La migración venezolana en los Andes: la respuesta sanitaria de Perú, Chile, Colombia y Ecuador J Arroyo Laguna, A Portes, B Cabieses, A Cubillos, I Torres; Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Fondo Editorial (2022)