Poverty & Inequality

Poverty & Inequality

OPR affiliated faculty are some of the nation’s foremost researchers on poverty and social inequality in the United States.  Collectively, their work has had a significant impact on social policy.  An important emphasis of OPR faculty is city life and the urban poor (Edin), with studies that focus on crime and urban poverty (Sharkey), housing insecurity and eviction (Desmond; The Eviction Lab), low-income fathers (Nelson), and the relationship between government institutions and the urban poor (Fernandez-Kelly). OPR researchers have examined racial residential segregation in American cities and its consequences for poverty, academic achievement, and health among African Americans (Massey; Sharkey), the role of family structure, race, and social class in child outcomes (Espenshade; Fragile Families), the influence of racial, socioeconomic, and gender disparities on educational and health outcomes (Jennings; Conley), racial differences in health and labor-market outcomes between U.S.-born and foreign-born individuals in the United States (Hamilton). OPR is affiliated with the Eviction Lab, run by Matthew Desmond.


Dalton Conley - Connected Learning Research Network

Dalton Conley - Genetic analysis of the Dutch Hunger Winter Families Study to Boost Rigor and Robustness for Testing In-Utero Famine Effects on Aging-Related Health Conditions and
Biological Aging

Dalton Conley - GxE and Health Inequality Over the Life Course

Dalton Conley - Understanding the Interplay of Genes and Environment in U.S. Families to Improve Child Health: Evidence from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics

Matt Desmond - Eviction in America

Matt Desmond - Eviction in America: Law, Housing and Poverty

Matt Desmond - Eviction Lab Project Proposal: Engaging Communities through Housing Data and Stories

Kathryn Edin - Computational examination of threat and reward constructs in a predominantly low-income, longitudinal sample at increased risk for internalizing disorders

Kathryn Edin - Deepening Our Understanding of America's Most Vulnerable Communities

Kathryn Edin - Fragile Families & the Transition to Adulthood (BMGF)

Kathryn Edin - Fragile Families and the Transition to Adulthood (NIH)

Kathryn Edin - The National Poverty Study

Kathryn Edin - Support the Fragile Families, Systems-Involved Youth, and the Transition to Adulthood follow-up survey activities

Kathryn Edin - Support for the Fragile Families panel study


Douglas Massey - Public Use Data on Mexican Immigration

Douglas Massey - The Social Demography of Latinos: A Comparative Regional Analysis

Matt Desmond - Housing Precarity, Eviction, and Inequality in the Wake of COVID-19

Matt Desmond - Justice and Poverty Project

Matt Desmond - The Eviction Lab (BMGF)

Matt Desmond - The Eviction Lab (JPB)

Matt Desmond - Understanding the American Child Welfare System

Kathryn Edin - Assessing the impact of Place-Based and Place-Conscious Interventions on Economic Mobility